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CBT - Compulsory Basic Training

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Please note that we are now closed so cannot accept any new bookings, thank you. The inforation below is general for anyone looking to take a CBT.

You and your driving licence

In order to participate in the CBT you will need to be at least 16 years of age, and be able to produce your driving licence. The licence check is for two reasons; as the CBT is the first step to obtaining a full licence, it is an identity check, as well as checking that you have apropriate provisional entitlement for motorcycles (category A), or mopeds (category AM/ p). You may apply for your first provisional licence up to two months before your 16th birthday.

For UK licence holders, you need only to present the photocard, Northern Ireland licence holders should bring the counterpart as well. UK Licence holders should generate an online check code so we can check for penalties or disqualification ahed of taking the course. Alternatively you can bring a print out of your own licence check(penalties and disqualifications page) along with your licence.

You can view or share your driving licence information on the DVLA website by clicking the link here

If you have an EU licence you must either exchange it for a UK licence, or register it with DVLA using the form D91 ( be sure to apply for motorcycle entitlement by checking the box for category A). This will generate a UK licence number which you will need to sit your CBT/ Theory/ Practical tests.

Your health and eyesight

You must be in good health, both physically and mentally prepared to ride a motorcycle. We will ask you to read a number plate at 20.5 m (with glasses if you use them). This is a legal requirement for holding a driving licence. If you have a medical condition which may effect your ability to ride a motorcycle please let us know. There is a list of medical conditions which you may have to notify to the DVLA you can check the list here

All CBT day courses begin at 8.30am

CBT - about the course

There are five main parts to the CBT, a classroom session, a tour of the motorcycle including safety checks, a practical riding session in the training area, a pre- ride briefing and an on road session of a minimum of two hours.

At the start of your course we will check your driving licence and eyesight. CBT is a continuous assessment course, there is no pass or fail, and people do make mistakes, what is important is that you learn from them and improve. Our instructors are friendly and professional, and quality is monitored both by our own senior instructors and by site vists by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Learning is about participation so we are happy to answer questions.

Helmets, gloves and waterproofs can be supplied if you wish at no extra cost.

At the end of your course you will be issued with a DL196 (CBT) Certificate which is valid for two years. **Further training is recommended**

National CBT syllabus

CBT training is delivered in accordance with the DVSA syllabus and guidance notes which can be viewed here

Who needs to do a CBT?

Only holders of a car licence issued before 01.02.2001 may ride a 50cc moped without taking a CBT, however most moped manufacturers, dealerships, instructors and insurance companies recommend that these people do CBT anyway.

Tel; 0131 669 4555