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MotorCycling Theory Test

The theory test must be taken by all candidates going on to take a practical motorcycle test. ( Only riders who hold another category of full motorcycle licence are exempt).

The theory test is taken at a test centre, and is available in Edinburgh, and North Berwick in the local area. For a full list of theory test centres you can visit the DirectGov web-site at Find Nearest Theory Test Centre.

You should arrive in good time for your test appointment, and you will need to take your driving licence and photo ID with you.

The theory test is in two parts, a multiple choice exam on the Highway Code and matters relating to motorcycle safety, and the Hazard Perception Test, where you need to identify moving hazards in a video clip. The whole thing can take up to an hour, but some candidates will finish in under half an hour.

The multiple choice exam

The multiple choice exam contains 50 questions and you need to get at least 43 correct to pass. You will be allowed 57 minutes for this part of the test, and you will have the opportunity to check and if neccessary change your answers. This part of the test is now only available in English or Welsh, and you can request headphones for a voice over if you have difficulty reading.

The Hazard Perception Test

The hazard perception test consists of 14 video clips, 13 containing one ' scoreable hazard ', one clip will contain two. Each hazard is worth a possible 5 points, and you need to score 44/75 or better to pass. You will need to click a computer mouse button to register your response to a hazard, the earlier you respond, the better you will score. The hazard perception videos are now CGI (computer gererated images), although you can still practice using older materials with video filmed from a car.

You must pass both parts to be successful, if you are unsuccessful you must wait three clear working days before you are allowed another attempt.

Pre Booked Theory Tests

Through our trainer booking facility we can book and manage theory tests on behalf of our customers. While many people are happy to book their own theory test, we do have tests from 18th Dec 2021 to 23 April 2022 available. The cost of the theory test is £ 23.00.

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