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City School of MotorCycling Courses

We provide a full range of courses, suited to people of all skill levels. We will assess your skill level and put you on the a course that is right for you, whether you are a complete novice or returning to bikes after a number of years. Unlike some schools our full licence courses have pre-booked both Mod1 and Mod2 test appointments, so you wont have to wait for a road test after passing the module 1. You will need to have either a full UK /NI drivers licence or a valid UK/NI provisional licence to undertake any test. If you have a full EEC/EU licence you must either exchange it for a UK one, or obtain a UK counterpart using form D9.

CBT This is where it all starts. This is a course prescribed by the DVSA which you will have to pass before you can ride a motorcycle on public roads. It is a mixture of theory and practical, with the initial training taking place on our purpose built site. We have motorcycles for hire and we can provide protective clothing free of charge. Follow the link here to our CBT page describing the course in more detail.


Candidates aged 24 or over are eligible for an unlimited licence or Direct Access Scheme(DAS). The bike used for test must be at least 595cc and on the list of motorcycles approved for test in this category. Basic riding skills will be taught on a 125cc bike (Yamaha YS125) and finish using the 689cc Yamaha MT07. As the test is in two parts, both modules must be passed on the same category of motorcycle. Courses range from 3,5 - 4.5 days. Please call us or use the enquiry form below for up to date availability.


New rules came into effect from 19th January 2013 making the A2 licence open to riders 19 years of age or older and can form part of the stepped licence regime. See link here. Power output is not always directly related to engine size, so please consult your motorcycle dealer for advice on what bikes you may ride with this licence. The A2 licence follows the same structure as the DAS course with the test taken on a restricted Yamaha MT07,on reaching age 24 or after 2 years have passed, an A2 licenceholder may upgrade to an unlimited licenceby taking both practical tests on a full power bike.


The A1 licence is the only full licence available for riders aged 17 or 18. As the licence is limited to 125cc there is limited benefit in taking this test as a 17/ 18 year old can already ride a 125cc with a CBT, albeit as a learner.

The A1 licence may be of use to commuters especially those on automatic scooters who would rather not resit the CBT every two years. You must take the same theory test, Mod1 and Mod 2 tests, however having your own machine will mean that this can be achieved relatively cheaply

We do not run a specific A1 licence course as there are so few candidates wanting this training and because of the size the course cannot be run alongside an A2 or DAS course. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Before you can do your bike test you must pass a motorcycle theory test. You must pass both the Mod1 and Mod2 tests before the theory certificate expires.

Request a call back/ check availability

A DAS/ A2 licence will usually involve CBT and day 2 on a 125cc before moving up to a big bike (Yamaha MT07 either full power for DAS or restricted to 35kW for A2) for a block of training including the Mod1 & mod2 tests. Typically we will run a half day conversion on the 700cc bike followed by either Sun/ Wed in week 1 and Fri in week 2, or Mon and Tue in week 1 with Thursday in week 2 for the mod 2 test. If A2 is shown an A2 bike is available, if it is not shown the A2 bike is in use on that course.

Unfortunatley we are closing soon so cannot accept any new bookings

* Candidates who require CBT may do either novice or experienced CBT depending on previous experience.

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